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IPP for academic researchers


Hi everyone,

I've a question regarding the purchase of the IPP for academic research. A colleague has told me, he has downloaded and used the IPP for free in the past (I think 1 or 2 years ago). He said he had registered at as an academic user and after that he could download the IPP for free. OK, since I'm going to do some heavy image processing on some Atom and Core i7 boards, I would like to use the IPP to increase the performance of my algorithms (and to boost OpenCV, too). Ok, back to topic. Is there still a way to purchase the IPP for free (for academic research)? Or have we to buy some academic licence (in this case - where can I get the IPP in an academic licence? I found a lot of IDEs etc. at, which provides the IPP in a bundle - but not the single IPP.)?

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Hi Marc, IPP have both standalone and bundled version. I guess any of them are ok for you to use. The contents are same. For example, you can apply for standalone version at for Core i7 board and atom cpu. But if you plan to use Atom as Embedded platform, then you may need to get IPP from Tools for Intel® Atom™ Processor (they are bundled, no standalone) •Intel® Embedded Software Development Tool Suite for Intel® Atom™ Processor But above are 30-days free to evaulation, regarding acadimic license, you may need pay with some discounted price. Please read the guide at •To purchase an academic research license, please select your desired product and the discounted price will be displayed during check out. For additional information on all of our education offerings, visit our Education Offerings Center, or contact an Intel representative at and some IPP license related doc for your reference IPP licensae Agreement, or IPP licensing FAQ Best Regards, Ying
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