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IPP on AMD64 -> "No dlls were found in the Waterfall procedure"

i'm having problems executing my IPP application an AMD64 processors.
On 32bit Intel and AMD processors it works fine, but on AMD64 i get following error message:
"No dlls were found in the Waterfall procedure".
Just to be sure i copied all dlls from the bin subfolder of both ia32 and emt64 IPP folder. I did not change the directory structure, so i have ipps20.dll and ippcore.dll (and also ippsem64t.dll and ippcoreem64t.dll) in the same directory as my executable. And there aresubfolders namedipp20, win32, win64, winem64t which contain the appropriate dlls.
What else do ihave to do in order to make my app run on AMD64 processors?
Thanks in advance...
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Well, i tried to build my application with em64t libraries instead of ia32_itanium (dont know if thats the right way for amd64...?) but i get linker errors..
The IPP functions i use cant be found. I followed the steps described in the "getting started guide" (IPP41em64tippstart.htm).
The tutorial (IPP41em64t rainingstart.htm) is the same as for ia32_itanium and hence of no avail... (there is no ipps20.lib nor ippcore.lib in IPP41em64stublib. And linking against ippsem64t.lib and ippcoreem64t.lib gives "unresolved symbols").
To sum it up:
Building with ia32_itanium version of IPP works fine. App runs on 32bit processors (Intel and AMD).
But how do i make it run on AMD64? I get "No dlls were found in the Waterfall procedure". I dont need to take advantage of AMDs features.. I just want my app to execute somehow..
Ok, i solved the problem myself..
Using static linking makes it work.
Now my app runs on AMD64 processors, and even much faster than on 32bit processors...!
I made the steps described in the tutorial..
You can get message about "No DLL was found.." if you have no IPP DLL available in your PATH. I'm glad you find solution.
It is safe to use 32-bit IPP libraries on 64-bit x86 Intel platforms. In case of AMDthere is limitation - you can't useT7 libraries because of Prescott new instructions is not supported on AMD architecture.
The similar limitation is for 64-bit x86 IPP libraries. It is safe to use MX libraries on AMD but not M7 - you can get illegal instruction exception in those IPP functions which uses Prescott new instructions.

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