Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
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Intel(R) IPP V6.0 Beta is coming soon


Intel Integrated Performance Primitives 6.0 Beta is coming in the following weeks.Intel IPP 6.0 Beta will continue to expand functionality in image processing, data compression, audio and video processing, speech coding, cryptography, threaded static library and more. Here are some of the important targeted features:

  • Deferred Mode of Image Processing library: provide a new library allowing for formula-level programming, pipelined processing of images with additional cache optimization.
  • High level data compression libraries: support lzo and new continued performance improvement for zlib, gzip, bzip2
  • Threaded static libraries support: provide new static libraries with additional threading optimization.
  • Intel Atom Processor Support and new optimized libraries for Linux* OS

Now IPP 6.0 beta is available for pre-registration in the following web site:

Also, please let us know which features are you interested in testing:


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