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License clarification/question


Please be patient with a non native english speaker ...

Could you please tell me, if I understand the IPP license and redistribution rules correctly?

(Working with VB.Net/C#, so I would use the DLLs with some wrapper code)

Simple case: I create an image manipulation application which I sell or give away for free to end-users. I can include the DLLs as listed in redist.txt. Seems clear and simple?

Simple case 2: I create an image manipulation LIBRARY to be used by third party developers. I can include the DLLs, but they have to purchase a license from Intel to redistribute my lib AND the IPP DLLs. But would I be held responsible, if they dont do, even when I explain this clearly in my own license/redist.txt?

Dont know case 3: As case 2, but the library is developed as downloadable plugin, which has to be downloaded from MY website when the 3rd party app starts on the end-user's machine. As I understand, *I* am the one that redistributes the IPP DLLs, so it would be covered by the license ... or not?

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Hi Ingbert, you may refer to IPP license FAQ: According, to When I buy a copy of Intel IPP, can I redistribute the runtime library files (such as lib, DLLs) with my company's software? Yes. Your purchase of Intel IPP (and updates through the support service subscription) includes redistribution rights. See the end-user license agreement for redistribution details. The static library files can be redistributed as outlined in the end user license agreement. Please Check the redist.txt file located in \Documentation\en_US\ipp for more details Yes, if you have valid license, you can redistribute the dll with your product. and IPP license is no royalty fee for redistribution of Intel IPP. So the third party developers don't need purchase IPP again. See the end-user license agreement for redistribution details. Best Regards, Ying
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