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Max size for arrays/matrices

Hi there,
independently of the amount of RAM, is there any other constraint for the maximum size of IPP arrays or matrices???
I've read that IPP Small Matrix should be used for matrices in the range of 3x3 to 20x20 and IPP for larger number of elements, but is there an upper limit for IPP elements without considering the amount of RAM? Another related question would be about the advantages of using MKL compared to IPP libraries or vice versa... and to complicate a bit more my confusion, I think there is a new player on the field called AVX which could/should be used for vector/matrix operations???
I'm trying to build an application that uses convolutions on 1D vectors or 2D matrices and also 3D matrices with elements ranging from 20 to 500 in each dimension. So in the extreme case I would need a pointer to 500x500x500 elements, is this possible?
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IPP provide small matrix operation functionsin ippm.pdf,Unlike MKL, whichis usually forengineeringand scientificcomputation, ippm functionsare optimizated for small matrix. So the preferred size generallyranges from 3x3 to 20x20.

We are optimized many IPP functions using AVX instructions. Refer to list to get details.

My recommendation is to refer to an article on intel site Benefits of Intel AVX For Small Matrices


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