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No DLLs were found in the Waterfall procedure

Hi all,

I'm getting subj message at Win7 running at PIII mobile (IPP 7.0 Update 1). This is well-know message, but how to aviod it? I've read and it seems I should have ippjpx-7.0.dll. But redist directory of IPP7.0 Update 1 does not have such dll. Could you please help me with the problem?
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The answer to your question is twofold:

1. Pentium III specific optimizations have been removed in IPP 6.0. Last IPP version that includes optimizations for Pentium III is IPP 5.3.

2. The "px" part in the DLL name denotes generic code path (i.e. not optimized for any specific CPU).

Regarding generic code path, please read this to understand what happened:

Understanding SIMD Optimization Layers and Dispatching in the Intel IPP 7.0 Library

In short, support for generic code path got removed, but it has been since reintroduced:

Intel IPP 7.0 Release Notes

Pay attention to sections 7.0 update 1a Release Notes, and 7.0 update 4 Release Notes. I hope you will figure out what approach is best for your scenario.
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Hi Sergey,

As mentioned in the IPP 7.0 update 4 Release Notes,

  • The px_/mx_ prefixes have been restored to the static generic library so that you can now include the static generic library in the same application that includes the product library. The automatic dispatcher will not recognize the generic library and will not dispatch to the generic optimizations; instead, you must call the generic functions directly with the px_/mx_ prefix. For more information, please see the KB article titled Generic Static Library Dispatching with the Intel IPP 7.0 Library.

So, please download latest version -


Naveen Gv

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