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i have a dell laptop (studio 1435) which has intel 965 family chipset intel motherboard.


processor : Intel core 2 duo 2 GHZ.. 64 bit

Graphic card inbuilt Intel : X3100 : 358 mb

Ram : 4GB

hard disk : 250 gb

OS: win 7 Ultimate 64 bit installed clean installation

Now my problem clean and clear

recently i planned to play gta 4 Game

which requires minimum 254 mb card

and i have 358 one intel inbuilt.

but the game shows 64 mb when i install win 7 64 bit graphics media accelerator driver

it shows 128 mb when i install win vista 64 bit graphics media accelerator driver

and also neither 32 bit driver for vista or windows 7 installs on my pc...

Then i also tried win xp 64 bit driver but that failed to install..

if your drivers are not compatible with product why havent they been updated till now as it has been a long long time for 965 based chipset boards..

and what i paid for i should atleast get that in 100 percent..

I will be waiting for a clear,clean and definite solution to this issue of mine..

i will be very thankful to you

I wonder that you dont test your drivers , and whithout testing you are rolling out these graphic cards motherboards etc..

have you yourself checked this problem atleast once, if that driver doesn't work why is that dummy driver there,may be who knows other intel sata ata , ahci etc etc i cant even spell those names doing is sitting idle, who knows, i will post the same my laptop manufacturer dell computers i dont know are these fools or what..
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Very sorry to hear of your difficulties. Unfortunately, the people on this forum are unable to help you, as we are working with products unrelated to your graphics driver. I suggest you speak directly with Dell Computers, the provider of your system, as they best know which drivers are compatible with and appropriate for your system. Intel does not control how our hardware is designed into systems and, therefore, cannot dictate which drivers work with your system.
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Intel itself provides drivers for 965 chipset motherboards of laptops, hardware is of intel and inbuilt graphics card too is of intel, where does dell come in between motherboard and and inbuilt intel .

i have some question for you

  1. If intel is not responsible for drivers why is intel providing intel integrated media graphics drivers for laptops for 965 chipset boards?
  2. If i go accordingly, how come dell will make drivers for your intel motherboard?
  3. Drivers for all dell hardware are there, but this intel media graphics drivers is available only on intel why so, whats the need?
  4. If i want to report a problem in the drivers of intel why should i report it to dell instead of intel, which is directly the products parent company?
  5. You have a forum but there is no way to give feed back regarding your product, what this forum is for then?
  6. Some time before there was a customer feedback regarding the product, now why dont you take real feed back and correct the bug in your drivers?

point 1

your company does not correct its flaw in its drivers for approx 1-2 2 years.

when i say you to correct this problem you are asking me that intel is not in control of the motherboard graphics drives.

Have you by your side reported this bug and flaw to intel?
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This forum, and the people participating in this forum, do not have any knowledge of the Intel graphics hardware. We are supporting a totally unrelated product called the Intel Performance Primitives library (IPP), which is a special library for SSE acceleration.

You might have better luck here:

And here is where you should go for Intel hardware drivers:

from there you can download a special utility that will scan your system and help you identify the proper Intel drivers for your hardware

Sorry for any confusion.
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