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Redistributing IPP DLLs ; How To ? (what about registration serial number)

We have acquired an IPP license.
Our product will make use of IPP DLLs.
We want to update our full product installer to easily and silently install the IPP DLLs on the destination platforms.
Q1: Is it possible to just copy the IPP DLLs on the target platforms (like ZIP the bin folder from a full installed IPP and then unzip in System32 on destination paltform), rather than use the IPP Installer.
Q2: What about the registration serial number (License Key), do I need it on the target platform ? If so, how can I copy it so I don't give it in clear to the end customer (and install it silently) ?

Thanks and Best Regards
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Hi John,

Thanks for using our product.

Here are several reference links you can read and find answers:

1. Which Intel IPP libraries are "Redistributables"?

We no longer offer the Intel IPP installer since v6.0, please check this article for reference. You may find direct copy method to copy the Intel IPP dlls to your destination folder.

2.There is no royalty fee for redistributing the Intel IPP library files with your software, so there is no need to have your IPP license key or serial number on your target platform. Please check the Intel IPP licensing FAQ for more info.

Hope it helps.

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