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The Intel IPP 5.1 is now available!


Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) 5.1 is the latest version of Intel's premier software library for multimedia, communications and data processingapplication development. Intel IPP 5.1 is available now from Intel and selected resellers.

What's New in Intel IPP 5.1:

  • Support for Mac OS* Application Development
    Intel IPP 5.1 for Mac OS* isa new edition of Intel IPP, providinghigh-performance data processing and a multimedia function libraryto Mac OS* applications through Intel IPP's common application programming interface (API). Together, the Intel IPP 5.1 editions for Mac OS*, Linux* and Windows*make high-performance, cross-platform application development easier than ever.
  • More Multi-Core Support
    Intel IPP 5.1 extendsIntel IPP's optimizations formulti-core performance optimizations:
    • More functions in Intel IPP 5.1 are internally threaded, automatically parallelizing execution on multi-core processors.
    • Manyof the Intel IPP code samples are threaded, showing the effective use of Intel IPP functions in threaded applications such as image processing andvideodecoding.
    • As always, allIntel IPP functions are fully thread-safe, simplifying their use in multi-threaded applications.
  • New Performance Optimizations for Intel Core Architecture
    Intel IPP 5.1 contains new performance optimizations for the Intel Core Architecture, bringing higher performance toapplications running on Intel Core Duo and Intel Core Solo Processors.
  • Expanded Set of Code Samples
    Develop advanced applications faster with new code samplesfor image processing, additional H.264 codec profiles, AMRWB+ codecs and more.

As with previous versions, Intel IPP 5.1 is backed by our Intel Premier Support program, and Intel IPP's runtime libraries are redistributable royalty-free with your application.

for more details about the new Intel IPP 5.1.

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