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Underfined Symbol on Static Link ippi_l.a

I am using IPP 7 and statically linking my application with ippi_l.a
It is fine with window version. But for linux, it gives me this error when I am trying to transcode a H.264 frame
symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: s8_ippiConvert_8u16u_C1R
Also, I am not sure why this method is being called. I did not use this method. Searching the project does not reveal anything that use ippiConvert. May be UMC using it?
I had also tried to point the native folder to IPP install library folder and the error persist...
Furthermore, I searched for the symbol at and to no avail...
Please help...
UPDATE at 1st Aug 2003
Now, thes8_ippiConvert_8u16u_C1R is gone. The problem is now looking for _tfopen. But, isnt that a MS defined type? Why is _tfopen used in UMC/vm/vm_debug_linux.cpp?
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