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Updating IPP versus updating Composer XE 2011


We're about to purchase Intel Composer and wondering how to organize our libraries. The question is: may we assume that ANY update of IPP, MKL or TBB will cause update of Intel Composer? If we purchase Intel Composer XE 2011 with IPP 7.0 inside, will we be able to get free update for e.g. IPP 7.1? So is it possible for mentioned libraries to update independently from Intel Composer and what about purchasing those updates?

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In general, updates to the libraries occur "in sync" with updates to the compiler. On rare occassions the libraries might have an interim update, but we try to avoid that, which is fairly easy to accomplish considering that an update occurs about once every six to eight weeks.

Regarding upgrades to future IPP product, your license provides you with access to all upgrades for one year from purchase. If you purchase an extension to your license you'll get an extension on the access to upgrades. If a 7.1 version of IPP came along you'd be eligible for that upgrade from your 7.0 product, assuming your license was still valid.

When you purchase the Composer product you are also eligible to download and install the individual components for no additional cost. If you have difficulties doing so, just leave a message on the forum or via Premier and we'll adjust your access so you can download the appropriate standalone installation packages.

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