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VBR in MPEG4 codec max bandwidth

I am encoding video in MPEG4 with variable bit rate. My problem is that when there is no changes in the video the bandwidth is very low (it is ok), video can be without change for a while,when video starts to change again the bandwidth for the firsts seconds is two times the configured bandwidth.
Is the a way to configure maximun - minimun bandwidth or quality, or configure a variable bit rate that can change upto 10% of the configured bandwidth.

Thank you,

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Hello Marcelo,

Ive replicated the behavior that youve reported. I see various spikes in the bit allocation on some frames. This issue has been reported in these forums before. Please see:

Unfortunately, the UMC codec does not have robust bit rate control features. They are intended to be used as examples and as such, they dont have the same support for BRC as a production codec would.

On another note, I checked the same source clip against the Intel Media SDK. While the Media SDK does not support MPEG4, it does h,264 and showed no spikes in bit allocation. Perhaps this is an alternative? You may find some possibilities to work around the issue as documented in the other thread as well.


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