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WarpAffine vs WarpAffineQuad


I would have thought that WarpAffineQuad was branching to WarpAffine, and WarpPerspectiveQuad branching to WarpPerspective, is there a reason that they're not?

They differ in interpolation flags (both Quad versions are missing flags, but not the same ones). I thought it was an omission in the documentation but no, those flags aren't supported. Is it possible that those functions ARE branching to others, but they have a flag check that hasn't been updated?

The documentation hints that they are branching, but it's not very clear & maybe I'm misinterpreting.
The function ippiWarpPerspectiveQuad uses the same formulas for pixel mapping as in the
case of the WarpPerspective function. Transform coefficients are computed internally, based on the mapping
of the source quadrangle to the quadrangle dstQuad specified in the destination image pDst.

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Hi Dambrin,

Thank you for the reporting the issue. The functions WarpAffineQuad and WarpPerspectiveQuad do not support the interpolation flag IPPI_INTER_CUBIC2P_CATMULLROM as opposed to the functions WarpAffine and WarpPerspective. If you need the support of new interpolation flags for WarpAffineQuad or WarpPerspectiveQuad functions, you can send the request via Intel Premier Support (IPS).

Best regards,

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