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What's New in IPP 6.1

Dear All,

As you know, IPP 6.1 released this week. You may want to take a look at what is new in IPP 6.1.

Hereare our readyKBs

1. What's New in Intel IPP 6.1?

It tells all of new feature in IPP 6.1, like Advance Vector Extensions (AVX) suppport, New Data Compression function, New Crypto Support, add PNG format support Support HD Photo, 3D image processing and Lighting function support and so on.

2. The sample code changes in Intel IPP 6.1

IPP provide accessorial sample codes to help user to use IPP. It is including many domains, image processing, UIC (Jpeg, jpeg2000), Audio-video-codec(mp3, AAC, MPEG2/MPEG4, H264), string operation, IPP zlib, gzip sample and C# samplei.e.

It also provides MSVC 2005 project,include image processing, data compression and so on. You mayfind thesesmapleare usefulwhen you develop IPP based application inMSVC.

3. And other udpates for example, OpenCV FAQ, IPP threading FAQ atIPP KB website

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