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[correct?] Output frame type of H264VideoEncoder


Dear all

I want to seek the arbitrary picture (IDR, I, P, B picture) from H.264 encoded data in mp4 file.

So,  I need to find IDR frame position and the POC (picture order count) of arbitrary picture from IDR frame.

Each information is contained within "stss box" and "ctts box" of mp4 file.

However, is the data (IDR position) of stss box correct?

The output frame types of H264VideoEncoder::GetFrame(in, out) are only I, P or B frame.

Both IDR frame and I frame are outputed as I frame, aren't they?

For example,    B_frame_rate = 3,   key_interval = 2, idr_interval = 2

[picture order] -> IDR  B1 B2  I  B3  B4  I  B5  B6  P  IDR  ...

[stream order] -> IDR  I B1   B  I  B3  B4   P  B5  BIDR  ...

When all IDR and I picture are encoded, the output frame type are only  I frame type and  set to stss box  without change.

Can we correctly seek to arbitrary time position with incorrect key frame position?

I've tried with IPP 7.0.

I'm sorry for my broken English.


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