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ippiColorTwist too slow

I am using ippiColorTwist (more precisely ippiColorTwist32f_16_C3IR) for a 1024x1024 image with 3 samples per pixel, 2 bytes per sample. The average measured time is about 12ms, almost the same as running my C implementation for the same processing. The C implementation performs the operations described here a simple rounding to 0 for negative numbers.
Why is ippiColorTwist so slow? Am I missing something?
Here are the details about my configurations:
- Intel Core2 6300@1.86 GHz
- Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit
-using static linkage with dispatching for the IPP library
- ippInit() is called before any other ipp function
- ippiGetLibVersion() returns:
major = 7
minor = 0
majorBuild = 205
build = 1020
targetCpu = "u8"
Name = "ippiu8_l.lib"
Version = "7.0 build 205.23"
BuildDate = "Sep 1 2010"
- using Visual Studio 2008
- C implementation is compiled for Release, X64 with Full Optimization (/0x)
Thank you.
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