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MPI Intel Fortran and Visual Sudio 2022 configuration


I'm using visual studio community 2022 and intel oneapi base and HPC toolkits, latest versions. I followed the intel instructions to configure MPI Fortran, as shown abobe:

Configuring a Microsoft Visual Studio* Project

To configure a Microsoft Visual Studio* project with Intel® MPI Library, do the following:

  1. In Microsoft Visual Studio*, create a console application project or open an existing one.

  2. Open the project properties, go to Configuration Properties > Debugging and set the following parameters:

    Command: $(I_MPI_ONEAPI_ROOT)\bin\mpiexec.exe

    Command arguments: -n <processes-number> "$(TargetPath)"

    Environment: PATH=$(I_MPI_ONEAPI_ROOT)\bin\$(ConfigurationName);$(I_MPI_ONEAPI_ROOT)\libfabric\bin;$(PATH)

    If you have installed the Microsoft Visual Studio* integration, go to Project > Properties > Intel Libraries for oneAPI > Use Intel MPI Library and set it to Yes. You can skip the steps below.
  3. In Configuration Properties > C/C++ or Fortran, as appropriate, set the following parameter:

    Additional Include Directories: $(I_MPI_ONEAPI_ROOT)\include

  4. In Configuration Properties > Linker, set the following parameter:

    Additional Library Directories: $(I_MPI_ONEAPI_ROOT)\lib\$(ConfigurationName);$(I_MPI_ONEAPI_ROOT)\lib

  5. In Configuration Properties > Linker > Input, set the following parameters:

    • For Fortran, set Additional Dependencies: impi.lib
    • For C++, set Additional Dependencies: impi.lib and impicxx.lib


First, I get the the error message:

error #5102 Cannot open include file 'mpif.h'

Second, I don't see an option :

Project > Properties > Intel Libraries for oneAPI > Use Intel MPI Library and set it to Yes


This error is really annoyind and I've been looking for a solution for a long time. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance,


Fernando Ribeiro


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Problem solved. Thank you very much !

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Problem solved. Thank you very much !

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