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3G / 4G LTE in edison's OTG (HiLink Huawei E3131)


Hello, I want to use a USB internet modem. I have the Huawei E3131 with HiLink. I used it with the raspberry pi, and only thing that I have to configure is switch the mass storage vendor/product ID to the modem ID and then it apears as eth1 if I call ifconfig. In edison is not the same, because I have switched to modem interface, and no new network interface shows.

I followed this tutorial in raspberry and works like a cham: Raspberry Pi • View topic - Huawei E3131 on Wheezy

Also works install standalone usb_modeswitch, and then I got the new network interface eth1. In raspbian.

I don't know why in edison I cant get the network interface, HiLink works perfect in raspbian, but either Yocto and Ubilinux is not showing the new interface.

How can I get working?


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Hello amarsa,



Thank you for your interest in the Intel® Edison Breakout Board.



In order to enable USB modem support, you'll need to build a custom Yocto Linux image. I suggest you to read this article:



Building Yocto Linux for Intel Edison with 3G USB modems support



There are also a couple of threads that may help you get a better understanding of the details of enabling USB modems support:



SSH access to edison connected via mobile internet 3g 441835 441835



Need 3G connection on Arduino board with Huawei E171



If you have any other question, don't hesitate to contact us.



Have a nice day.





Andres V.


Building a custom image to that problem is like kill a mosquito with a rifle...

I get it working disablink HiLink, which was the element that has incompatibility ( i think cdc_ether was the missing packet). In raspberry works perfectly so would be a good point to add this compatibility easy.

Disable huawei hilink:

Then i configurated the modem with umtskeeper (which include Sakis3g) UMTSkeeper internet keep-online

The same process like a raspberry, plenty of tutorials on the internet.

I run the " $ sakis3g --interactive" command, and perfect.

This solution was using debian Ubilinux, more easy than yocto. I think that only support yocto is a mistake..