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Accessing Minnowboard MAX Serial Port with FTDI Cable in Ubuntu.


I recently switched from the Intel Edison to the Minnowboard Turbot for development of an embedded imaging system. I am an optical engineer so I am not an expert in electronics but I have functional abilities in developing on these single board computers, so with some amount of guidance I think I can follow high level directions.

On the edison I enjoyed the convenience of the serial port via USB to my host machine running windows 10. The Minnowboard has an FTDI port and I received my FTDI to USB cable and I want to be able to do debugging without a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.. The serial com port connects and works only right before bootup in UEFI mode. Once Ubuntu boots on the Minnowboard it no longer responds to the keyboard and there is just a blinking cursor.

Any advice on enabling the serial port so I can access the Ubuntu command line?

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Hi herrerab,



Are you using a 3.3V FTDI cable with your board?


Have you tried to use another Terminal Client?


I suggest you to contact them for more accurate assistance regarding this board.