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Android Things on the Intel Joule fails to boot



I have attempted following this SOP: Installing Android Things* on the Intel® Joule™ 550x and 570x Modules | Intel® Software for installing and running Android Things on the Joule. I can get to the point where it says the firmware is flashed on the device, upon first reboot i get an error that no boot image has been found, and I am stuck on the regular android bootloader screen. When in the bios, the Joule recognizes both the fastboot partition and the android things partition as bootable options, however neither results in a functioning operating system. Any support would be appreciated, thank you!


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Hi Peter,



Thanks for your interest in the Intel® Joule platform.



I have taken a look at the instructions to Install Android Things on Intel Joule, however, I'm not sure why you are getting that issue. Although there are a couple of things that I'd like to suggest you to double check in order to know if they can be causing the issue:


  • Use a supported host operation system, other OS might or might not work as expected
  • Check if you have installed the BIOS version 183 (recommended) or later. Currently, the latest BIOS is the 1F1. The following guide describes how you can update the BIOS version: BIOS Update and Configuration
  • Update the Android SDK Platform Tools to version 25.0.3 or later


I would also like to let you know that we only support the Ref-OS-IoT image which is the official one for the Joule platform, and our support is limited regarding Android Things OS. For that reason, in case you need further assistance I'd recommend you to post your issue in the Android Things' forum as well: Google's IoT Developers Community, since they can provide you a more accurate answer.





-Yermi A.