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Android phone (that supports BLE) not showing in BLE scan

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Hello all,

I want to connect Edison to an android phone via ble but my phone doesn't show up in ble scan.

I opened bluetooth on my device

& on edison I wrote:

rfkill unblock bluetooth

hciconfig hci0 up

hcitool lescan


Am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance 

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Hi A.Kerdany,

Are you following a guide or document to accomplish this? Have you checked these two documents before? IoT - Connecting the Intel® Edison board to your Android* Phone with Serial Port Profile (SPP) | Intel® Developer Zone IoT - Creating a Bluetooth* Low Energy app | Intel® Developer Zone

The first link is more related to what you want to achieve, but you can also get some ideas from the second one. According to the first one, you need to copy a certain file ( to your board, then run this file in the background. After that you have to install a Bluetooth app on your Android device (the link to the app is provided in the document). Finally, comes the part where you configure your Edison board and Android device, all this comes specified in the guide.



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Hey there,

Thanks for your reply, I just wanted to see if my android phone can be seen as a ble device, I successfully scanned ble sensors(that were advertising) when using the commands I mentioned above, maybe android phones can't be detected as ble devices but for sure they can scan other ble devices(that are advertising) using software like (BLE scanner). I tried spp-loopback before but I think it isn't ble, its just classic bluetooth.

Thank you