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Antenna wire removal broke the connectors from the module

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First off I am very firmilliar with electronics, and I have worked with similar boards. I was going to remove the antenna wires from my Joule 570x, so I can move the module to another carrier board. When I applied very little pressure to remove the wire, the whole connector pulled off of the module! It looks like it wasn't attached very securely, I then attempted to remove the other one being the most careful you possibly can, and the same thing happened. Is there a chance it is a defect? Or are there just no warnings and you are not supposed to remove the antenna wires? Am I able to file a exchange? Thanks!

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Hi Nlbeers,



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We really sorry to hear that. We would like to recommend you to submit a ticket using this form: and the Warranty team will receive the ticket and contact you back to provide further assistance with this issue.