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Anything new on FTDI support in release 3.0?

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It has been a year since I found a yocto image that supports FTDI devices connected to the USB through an OTG cable. Since then I have built 11 boxes with this code but I realize it is old and was wondering if there is a good way now to get FTDI support in the newest release. I searched FTDI in this forum and the first two posts were mine from a year ago so that wasn't helpful. Just to be clear, I am plugging one of these

into the Edison USB port (with an OTG cable) and it needs the FTDI driver in the yocto image. I am using a version from Feb. 11, 2015 that identifies as Linux 3.10.17-yocto-standard. The image I am using is

My question is, should I try and upgrade (better stability, fewer bugs, etc) and if so, what is the best way to get an image that supports the FTDI chipsets?

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I don't know wheater FTDI USB driver is enabled in stock kernel of 3.0 release but even if not you should do this easily by recompiling yocto image and enabling FTDI driver in kernel menuconfig. I successfully done same things on some older Edison Image, and I saw there modules for FTDI and CP21xx . You need only follow to , and sources of 3.0 Yocto complete image, which seems still not released (my thread ). Also note if you have old image and it works I strongly not recommend you to upgrade it because Intel team may make some critical bugs, for example there were released several !!! Yocto Complete images with critical bug where using !!! SPI interface caused Kernel panic! I bought Edison when 2.1 release already was published and I reflashed several last releases until found that only 1.6.1 was without this bug.

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I spend hours and hours trying to recompile a year ago without success. At the time there were bugs and it didn't work on a 32 bit Linux. I am not going to try that route again. Maybe take your advice and not change anything. But if a stock release will support FTDI, I can easily try it and will give it a shot.


The FTDI USB driver is disabled by default as @nrsb points out. Going to the kernel menuconfig and following the BSP guide you should be able to enable it in your kernel configuration:

Just reflash your edison after this and it should work. I compiled my image from source. I suggest you do your bitbaking in Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit since the gcc compilers on newer versions are the cause of the errors when building your edison image.