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Arduino 101 Zephyr Application Flash

Hi Intel team,

I want to compile and flash a bluetooth advertise and scan application onto the Arduino 101. The file is in the Zephyr folder when you download the M or the Z Tree of the ODK. I was compiling in the Z-Tree but notice I couldn't compile applications written in the Zephyr file so I moved to the zephyr file. The file path that I want to flash is CODK/zephyr/samples/bluetooth/beacon.

My hardware setup

- arduino 101

- a FTDI USB to serial converter cable with pin 1 to ground, and pin 4 and 5 to TX and RX respectively

My software:

-Linux Ubuntu 16.04

-cutecom with device set to /dev/ttyUSB0

-operating in zephyr folder

I don't care where I have to be, whether in the Z-tree or the zephyr file or even something completely different. I just need to be able to flash the beacon application on to my setup.



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