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Arduino 101 does not send any information backl to PC via USB serial port



I am currently working on building a tool to my lab and there is one Arduino 101 board in use which does communication /control between my tool and the PC software.

My PC application is being developed using C# . My issue is that my Arduino code works perfectly on UNO, DUE, MEGA and TINY. However, the same code does not work on Arduino 101. I can send commands to Arduino and it works as expected (PC to Arduino communication is fine) but never gets me any information back. Not sure what am I doing wrong here.

Even If I put a code like Serial.println("testing") in loop, there no data coming to application. It does receive if I use other applications. But my application does read correctly If I use any other board.

Is there a timing issue with Intel Arduino board that my C# serial port does not handle correctly ?

I see the Arduino responses if I use applications like Arduino Serial Monitor, Putty and Coolterm. Could some one help me ?



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Hello Pubudu,



Thank you for interest in the Intel® Curie Board.



I'm sorry to inform you that the Arduino 101 board is out of the scope of this technical support team. Our support is focused on the Curie module itself.



In order to receive the adequate assistance, please get in touch with the corresponding support team:



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Andres V.