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Arduino IDE Meshcentral Sketch Upload Extension

This extension allows users to take a standard sketches created within the Intel® Galileo Arduino software and upload it to the Galileo Arduino device through Meshcentral framework remotely over the network (no need to connect the USB / Serial Cable). The extension enhances the Arduino development environment so that developers can upload the new sketch to one or more Intel® Galileo devices with the click of the "upload" button. The Arduino environment will take care of authenticating, uploading and remotely executing the new sketch.

For more information this capability and additional information on Advanced Mesh Usages for Intel® Galileo Boards, please check out the following blog post.

Note: This sketch upload extension is only supported on the Windows Intel® Galileo Arduino SW; Intel® Galileo Arduino SW for MacOS and Linux have yet to be enabled.

--Matt Royer

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