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BLE GATT Communication


Hi, i am a beginner to Intel Edison and i have some questions, i am using python scripts on Edison (pygattlib) and i need to communicate with Bluetooth module(Beacon HM-11) and i need help concerning some points:

-self.requester.write_by_handle(0x10, "AT")


in this line of code it returns an error: RuntimeError: Characteristic value/descriptor operation failed: No attribute found within the given range


and when i change the handle .. it sometimes give "Device is not responding" and sometimes give "Attribute cant be written" ..


So i need someone to elaborate the types of handles

All i want to do is that i want to send "AT" command to the beacon and the beacon replies by "OK" so i need to read the "OK" message


Reading code: data = self.requester.read_by_handle(0x1)[0]


also i don't understand the type of handle used and what to use to receive the "OK" message.

Thanks for your time .

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Community Manager

I think you mixed several things:

->AT Commands need to be sent over the UART interface to configure the HM-11 module (

->The HM-11 module is used for "UART over BLE" ( Control RGB lights from Android with Arduino & Bluetooth LE (BLE) - 4)

what means that you write data to the bluetooth characteristic and that data is going out of the TX port of the HM-11 module

the data you write to the hardware RX can be sent back over BLE

Datasheet can be found here:

->Please do not use the term beacon, a beacon can just advertise data and not receive any (the HM-11 is a BLE device that can be configured as an iBeacon)