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Beginners setup question


I just got my Edison with Arduino Breakout today and I managed to get it going ok

I have loaded in the new firmware etc and can connect via Serial, SSH etc

After I plug it in and it completes its boot up it gives me in " Windows Device Manager" ..

Intel Edison Composite device ( COM 28 )

Intel Edison Virtual Comport ( COM 27 )

USB Serial Port ( COM 26 )

and it also shows me a new hard drive which it gives the drive name " L "

Should this " Drive L " contain anything because mine appears to be empty ?

Will it ever contain anything and if so what ?

I dont understand what it is for

Also I have put an empty SD Card in the Edison SD slot so,

what gets stored on this SD Card and does it show up anywhere like Drive "L" does

I think the board looks as though its going to be great fun when I understand it better but the

documantation seems a little sparse especially for those without a linux background


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Hi donrecardo,

Are you following the Getting Started Guide to install all the necessary drivers? I would suggest you to start with that, you can find the guide in here:

You can also follow this document It's a specific guide for flashing your Edison board so you can start using the Yocto image. The guide that I provided is for Windows OS, if you want this guide for other operating system you can follow this link /community/makers/edison/getting-started

Please let us know if you get stuck while following the document.




Hi Pablo thanks for the reply but I think you may have missunderstood my question

The edison seems to be working fine the Windows integrated installer set up the drivers , the Arduino IDE and flashed the latest image

I can connect to the edison using Serial, SSH, Via a Web Browser , and I can download programs from the Arduino IDE

My question was to ask ...

When I plug in both USB leads to the Edison . My windows PC sees it as

a USB serial Port ( COM 26 )

a virtual com port ( COM 27 )

a USB composite device (COM 28)

and lastly it gives the Edison a Drive Letter along with all my other HDDs and assigns it as Drive " L "

Now if I look in this new Drive " L " it says it has a capacity of 766 Mb and that 758Mb are free

There appear to be no files in it that I can see

So, should it have files in it ? or what is this drive used for ?


Hi donrecardo,

The Edison drive was used to flash the Edison with the Yocto image using the 'ota' method. For this procedure you needed to download the complete Yocto image and copy the files inside the Edison drive and then you could flash the board. This method is no longer used, it should be empty unless you copy files in there manually.