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Bios 0035, seems to solve my HDMI handshake problems (black screen)


Hi Developers,

Not sure, installed it 10 days ago, but it seems that bios version 0035 solved my HDMI handshake problem, have a Intel® Compute Stick STK1AW32SC stick, 32 bits W10.

The release note is not very clear "Added workaround when black screen is occurs".

Had hundreds of frustrated power on issues with no HDMI output from the stick, in all modes I can set my TV monitor on (HDMI, PC, DVD, Cable Tuner etc.)

Now I finally can set my TV Monitor on PC Mode, means going into sleep/ standby when shutdown Windows 10, instead of HDMI mode (no auto sleep etc).

When I push now the power button on the stick my TV Monitor goes on automatically.

But this is indeed a workaround, very glad with it, but what I notice is this.

It seems that this "Workaround" detect during boot if there is a output signal/ connection or HDMI handshake, if not it's like it restarts or waits till it's there.

I notice this because I saw two different "on screen" messages in the case I adjusted my monitor or HDMI mode (no auto sleep etc) when I shut down the stick that probably causes the HDMI failure in the older bios.

Sometimes I saw the message on my monitor no input (means on my monitor, no output from device to monitor but cable is connected) when I shutdown Windows 10, in this case stick in most of the time starts okay later.

But sometimes it also shutdown and my monitor shows no signal, the same message when I don't put a HDMI cable at all on my monitor.

This two states of the Intel stick still occure, what I notice is that the boot of the stick sometimes takes around 5 seconds more before my monitor switches on by a HDMI input, after that the stick starts normal with the Intel bios start screen. So the blue led of the stick was already on for at least 5 seconds and sometimes it just start directly, switches immediatly my monitor on and bios boot screen is there.

Of course I can work with this "workaround", so many thanks for this.

Is there a better release note with more details about this "Added workaround when black screen is occurs" in bios 0035.

See that there is also a new display driver but haven't installed it yet, too afraid I will return back in HDMI problems, there must be a relation between bios and display driver what causing this problem on my TV monitor and maybe others I believe.

Have to mention that my monitor has HDMI 1.3, but 1.4b from the stick should be downwards compatible, and support please don't mention that the stick is only tested and garuanteed on a few monitors and tv's like in your list.

Any cheap tv box or whatever equipement works on all my TV's or monitors, never had any issue in the past before like I have with this Intel Stick.


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Community Manager

Hi, SanJM, Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Compute Stick communities.



Thank very much for sharing that information with all the peers in our communities, we really appreciate you took the time to post those comments and I am sure they will be very helpful for all the peers viewing this thread.



We apologize for any type of inconvenience you might have experienced when using the Intel® compute stick, and yes, the TV's and monitors that we can guarantee as fully compatible with the stick are the ones listed on the link below, there are many different products that are fully compatible as well that are not showing in the list, since they were not tested by Intel we cannot provide false expectations and confirm them as compatible, also as you mentioned the HDMI 1.4b from the stick should be downwards compatible when using a TV or monitor that supports HDMI 1.3:



In regard to your question, those are the only released notes officially validated by Intel:



About the option of installing the new display driver, I looked in our web site and the only driver besides the graphics driver will be the following:


Not sure if that is the one you are referring to, but we do not recommend to install any other driver that is not showing as compatible with the stick.



Now, there are monitors and TV's that have their own drivers or firmware updates, so that is always an option that you can try.



I hope this information will be useful for you.



Any further questions, please let me know.






Hi Roberto,

So far my stick is working correct, don't have the HDMI failure anymore with bios 0035..

The information you supplied about the release note of bios 0035 was what I already found myself, but is not very clear what they mean with this workaround, needed more info about the black screen matter and if that was related to my stick.

About the graphics driver, was metioning the latest release of version: Download Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Intel® Compute Stick STK1AW32SC

But not going to install any driver or bios anymore as long my stick finally working as at should, without startup failures.

Thanks for your reply.


Community Manager

Hi, SanJM, You are welcome. Thank you very much for letting us know that information.



Yes, if the compute stick is working fine then there is no need to install that driver.



I will try to gather more information about the workaround mentioned on the released notes. As soon as I get any updates I will post all the details on this thread.



Any questions, please let me know.








Anyone else having issues on Ubuntu?

We're running quite a few STCK1A8LFC's which have been great after the 35 version bios update. However, our STK1A32SC's aren't as consistent.

Sometimes it's not 'black screen' it's simply no output. The Ubuntu "Purple Screen of Death" is a lot more common on the STK1A32SC's as well.

We're using them in a digital signage capacity plugged into dozens of different models of TV. For us having constant output is very important. (e.g the device should provide a signal even if rebooted while the TV is switched off or doesn't have its input currently selected.)

Funny the unsupported model is running more solid than the supported one.