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Bios, warranty, clock and contacting Intel


Hi there!

I bought a new Compute Stick, with Win10, 1 year ago. But when i try to update BIOS, the update fails and your homepage tells me, that Intel no longer supports this unit......., after 1 year?

But when i look at warranty, i see, that your homepage tells me, that i have warranty until August 2018!?

Quite confusing!

I also have a problem with time. Every time i start up the compute stick, time has to be changed. But how can i get the compute stick fixed, under warranty, when i can not come in contact with Intel? I live in Denmark and Intel has no office here.

Can anybody help me, giving me the email-adress to the Intel department, who can clear these issues and help me get the Compute Stick fixed. under warranty.

Best regards

Jan Aa. Petersen, Danmark

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That stick ( Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC Product Specifications ) Is three years old.

You will likely have to wait until US time on Monday to get an answer from the Intel Support Staff.



Hi Al_Hill,

Thank you for your quick respond. I bought the Compute stick June 14th, 2016 brand new and have a receipt for it. And still......., would it not be reasonable, to expect support for it after only one year? Or even 3, if it is as old, at you claim? In Intels own homepage, it tells me, that my warranty runs until August 2018.

You did not mention an email adress, which leaves me with a problem……, since the homepage informs me, that support on the Compute stick no longer allows mail support.

How can i then contact Intel?

If Intel leaves their costumers "hanging", 1 year, after buying a product, then i think they have a big problem with their costumerservice!

Best regards


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To verify whether your warranty is still active, go here: Determine if Your Product Is Still Under Warranty.

To contact the closest support office, use information found here: Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Europe, Middle East and Africa. If your warranty is still active, they should be able to arrange for the Compute Stick to be replaced.

Hope this helps,