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Blind login

It seemed to me that it might be useful to log in without connecting to HDMI, for example if you were in a sports bar they might let you touch the remote but not hook up a device to the screen, or if the person you were sharing a seat with on the Flatiron Flyer had a Windows 10 laptop

So I tried a sequence that worked with a reasonable amount of consistency (Windows 10 x64 STK1AW32SC)

Set my Samsung smart TV to Screen Mirroring mode

Power on my compute stick

Wait 40 seconds

Press on the connected wireless keyboard, then wait a second, type password, and again

Wait another 20 seconds

Press +K

Wait another second or so (My compute stick generally finds my TV pretty fast)

Press then

At this point my TV, after a while, connects. If the connection fails or is dropped, go back to the +K step above

The connection usually starts up in duplicate mode, so you can't see the Start button or anything, so now:

Press +P, then , then usually gets you to a more useful projection mode.

I am doing this to compose this message, for example. There is some weirdness in that the keyboard and mouse are really laggy and difficult to control. Also the display controls on my compute stick have resolution grayed out, but checking by playing a 4K video in YouTube and Stats for Nerds seemed to indicate that at least software thought it was running in 4K mode. Haven't tested with any images to establish true resolution and chroma, though.

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