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Boot Time Bluetooth Functionality

I use the STCK1A32WFC flashed with the latest BIOS rel 30 (FC0030C.BIO). It works fine.

It is loaded with Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. Boot drive is set up with LVM/LUKS for "whole" drive encryption. Again it all works just fine.

I can use a typical slew of USB wired and wireless keyboards and mouses.

I can also pair it with BT keyboard (Logitech Tablet Keyboard Y-R0021, the touch-pad-less 820 keyboard) and a mouse (Logitech V470 M-RCQ142). Both work fine while OS is up & running.

The issue revolves around pairing of BT devices BEFORE OS BOOTS.

I believe that this could allow me to enter LUKS password at the beginning of OS boot from the BT keyboard.

My desire here is to have encrypted system that is exclusively using BT input devices (so no USB based keyboard for password entry).

Additionally I would like to keep my USB port open (so no hubs or wireless adapters there).

The Compute Stick BIOS seems to allow that.

I can go to Configuration >Bluetooth Configuration > Scan For Device to discover and pair my keyboard and/or mouse.

During the following boots the Intel logo will display along with the usual list of Function Keys.

Below the list in yellow a message will tell me that BT is being discovered, and that if I want to connect the keyboard at that time I should press any key.

The problem is that, with or without either of the BT devices connected at that point, the boot process will halt at that initial boot screen and the system appears to be frozen.

I would appreciate any feedback (other than rants about superiority of one wireless technology over another).

If you happen to have a BT keyboard that pairs correctly at boot without halting the system please include the product name and part number.

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Please check the following article Intel® Compute Stick — Using Bluetooth* Keyboards During POST and in BIOS Setup


Over the period of last week I have acquired close to a dozen various BT keyboards that are readily available from retail channel (big box, office supplies & electronics stores) in Northern Texas.

This includes a mix of many branded as well as off-brand units.

Just to be sure, I got the Microsoft Wedge Mobile (M/N: 1521) which is listed in the document listed above as Tested.

All the units I tested were quickly found and easily paired in BIOS.

Upon pairing I could use the BT keyboard to move around the BIOS menus.

To my dismay, the Compute Stick was UNABLE to finish POST and fully boot with any of them paired and connected.

In ALL cases the system would hang in the very same spot -- the screen would still show the Intel "logo" with F-key info in the lower right, followed by the Bluetooth connection messages.

I have tried to boot with and without the microSD card, with and without USB keyboard, with some changes to the BIOS options, to no avail -- it always halts right after re-connecting to Bluetooth device.

Just to make it clear -- while in OS the Bluetooth devices work as advertised.

In such light I can only assume that either my particular unit (or perhaps BT adapter) is faulty, or the BIOS with BT support is half-baked.

In any case, I cannot consider the above referenced article as an authoritative answer.


Please test installing the latest Bluetooth driver Download Bluetooth: Realtek* Bluetooth driver (Operating Systems: Windows® 10, 32-bit.)

Quick question, are you using Windows® 10 or Ubuntu? the Intel® Compute Stick code you provided on the original post(STCK1A32WFC Intel® Compute Stick — Supported Operating Systems ) belongs to a Windows® model, however; you said that the Intel® Compute Stick is loaded with Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS.


Thanks for reply & link (it will come handy).

Yes, I am using Windows model loaded with Ubuntu.

However it seems that you have misunderstood my problem.

There are no issues with BT functionality once I am already booted into OS (Ubuntu 14.04.03 LTS in my case).

My Compute Stick halts while still in POST. So while I have any BT device paired (it doesn't even needs to be connected), the system will not go past Intel logo screen.


On the other hand, IF there are no devices paired in BIOS, then the POST will finish, the bootloader will proceed as it should, the system will boot and the OS driver for BT will do it's job and connect.


Again, the issue here is to have functioning BT keyboard at the time the bootloader kicks in.


Let me verify and check the settings.