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CSI acquisition mesh network using Galileo


Hello everybody,

An application that I want to do is to have multiple wireless nodes (say N of them) connect with each other. In a round-robin fashion, each node will transmit a WiFi signal (packet) and the rest will measure the RSSI and CSI (Channel State Information) from the received packet. Then the second node starts transmitting, and so on.

While looking for hardware that can be used, I found the Intel 5300 WiFi NIC card ( Intel® Ultimate N WiFi Link 5300 and Intel® WiFi Link 5100 Products ), from which the CSI information can be extracted using this linux tool ( Linux 802.11n CSI Tool ). Intel Galileo Boards are equipped with PCIe interface so the cards can be attached to them, and run on linux so the tool can be installed. I also found that a mesh network between Galileo boards can be established using .

My question is, can this application really be done using the setup I described? If yes, how fast can the transmissions take place (for a whole loop of the N nodes to transmit)? and I would appreciate it if you could provide me with any start up guide to start implementing this.

If no, any suggestions on any hardware than can support this?

Thank you.

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Hi BelalKorany,

There is a similar thread and it does not seem to have an answer. According to that thread, the 5300 adapter works fine, so it seems in your case it will depend on whether the Linux tool you expect to use work or not.




Thanks Fernando.

It seems like no one has tried a similar thing before, so I will just try to implement it and see if it works.