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Compute Stick STCK1A8LFC running Xubuntu 18.10 well. *UPDATE: 19.04 now supports Bluetooth*

UPDATE: 29 April 2019 - I created a new post here with a howto on installing Ubuntu 19.04. Its 5.0 kernel supports Bluetooth now.



Just to let everyone know, I have tested Xubuntu 18.10 64-bit on my Intel Compute Stick STCK1A8LFC (1.33 GHz Atom Z3735F, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage) and it installs and runs well. There is around 1.2 GB of storage available after the installation. The Wifi and audio are recognized natively, I believe the only thing not working is bluetooth. If anyone has instructions for getting that working, please respond.

I created a live USB by downloading the Xubuntu 18.10 64-bit ISO file. With a powered USB hub, keyboard and mouse, I pressed F10 to boot from the USB and wiped the internal drive clean and did a fresh installation. The 32-bit version of Xubuntu 18.10 can also be installed by preparing the Live USB as mentioned in this post and changing the "Select Operating System" option in the BIOS to Windows 8.1/10 32-bit. The 64-bit version is running well however even with the limited 1 GB of RAM so 32-bit is probably not necessary. Watching YouTube videos full screen at 720p runs well in Firefox with Task Manager reporting memory usage at 59%.

There are still a lot of STCK1A8LFC's available new on the web for around $40 US so they seem like a good low cost PC solution.

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Hello Intelicron,



Thank you for your feedback regarding the Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A8LFC and the installation steps you successfully performed in your unit.



Now, in order to get a detailed answer about the bluetooth issues using Xubuntu 18.10 64-bit, I recommend you to visit these websites:



Wanner G.



Thanks for the great tip! Inspired by your post, I did a clean install of Xubuntu 18.04 LTS and it works great! I also don't have Bluetooth, but I'm getting sound through my HDMI, and WiFi is working. I did a clean install on an old 40 GB hard drive I had laying around with an enclosure, which is plugged in to a powered USB hub. This way, I have plenty of system hard drive space, including a ~2GB swap file, and I enabled ZRAM. What a huge difference!


The first thing I did when I got my STCK1A8LFC was to run software update... and I ran out of room! Hard to believe the standard storage (8GB) wasn't even enough to hold just the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and updates, with no additional software installed. But it made me look for solutions, and along the way learn something about Linux, which I knew almost nothing about previously. After spending about a week trying to free up space, or looking for other solutions... and repeatedly crashing the OS and reinstalling it, I went "rogue" and installed the Xubuntu.


Before, my Compute Stick was worthless and would constantly lock up, and now it's usable! Thanks for posting this update.


Did you ever get Bluetooth working?


@Adopted​  Yes, Bluetooth is working now natively with Ubuntu 19.04 with the new 5.0 kernel.

I installed Xubuntu 19.04 on my STCK1A8LFC and it's running well. I created a new post about it here.


Thanks for the ZRAM suggestion, I will definitely give that a try.