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Connect Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel Edison to QNAP NAS via QIoT Suite Lite


This tutorial covers setting up a Grove Indoor Environment Kit followed by connecting the devices to QIoT Suite Lite.

Setup your Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel Edison1.1 What you will need
  • An Intel Edison board
  • Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel Edison
  • A Micro B to Type A USB cable
  • A power supply with at least 7-15V DC and 1500mA
  • A Wi-fi access point



    The Intel Edison and NAS must be under the same LAN.
1.2 Set up Intel Edison

If you have not set up your Intel Edison, follow these guides for your respective operating system.

1.3 Configure and test your devices

Step 1: Assemble the Intel Edison board


Step 2: Assemble the Indoor Environment Kit


Step 3: Connect the hardwareUse a 26AWG Grove Cable with the following connections:Grove ModulesConnected toTemperature & Humidity SensorI2CMoisture SensorA1Light SensorA2UV SensorA3PIR Motion SensorD7EncoderD2ButtonD8LCD RGB BacklightI2CRelayD4ServoD6BuzzerD5

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