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Connectivity Suggestion Requested

I was happily using my Intel Edison with Intel System Studio IoT Edition until a few weeks ago. I moved the board to a new network (separate subnets for Wi-Fi and LAN) whose administration is beyond my control.

I used a new desktop to setup the Edison with the latest images/downloads. I installed ISS-IoT successfully. I can PuTTY to the board via USB. I cannot run/debug the first basic tutorial (blink LED on board using C/C++) because the desktop is not able to contact the board during the Run/Debug operations. The credentials are the same that permit PuTTY to access the board (so these should be correct).The desktop does not have Wi-Fi access to the board since it is on a separate subnet.

The network data is as follows:

  • LAN:
    • Desktop:
    • Gateway:
    • Board (via USB) as reported by ifconfig on the board:
      • arp on the desktop does not display this assignment to a corresponding MAC
  • Wi-Fi:
    • Edison:
    • Gateway:

There is no inter-routing between the two Gateways.

My question is: what do I have to configure (or reconfigure) to run Intel System Studio IoT Edition for the very basic first tutorial? I cannot change the separation of the LAN and Wi-Fi subnets (beyond my control in this new environment). I used arp (-s option) on the desktop to assign a static address for the reported MAC (from the Edison's ifconfig output) but the desktop has multiple NICs and arp (on the desktop) reports the IP address as being assigned to another network interface that does not use the subnet. I tried to force the setting by specifying the interface's IP address (that is on the subnet with a third parameter after the -s option) but arp returned the "Access Denied" message. I created (and deleted) several attempts to connect to the board with ISS-IoT using the "Create a Target Connection..." wizard. The IP address of the board is never displayed in the Refreshed list but host name or IP address usage does not make a difference. The user logon name is set to root and the password is the same as that used by PuTTY successfully.

I would sincerely appreciate some guidance on ISS-IoT settings to continue my training since PuTTY on the desktop can connect to the board without issues. This is probably a user error or naiveté on my part that once resolved with help from the larger community will help me to get back to more challenging tutorials sooner rather. Thanks.

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Community Manager

Hi Matha,

Thanks for your interest in the Intel Edison Platform.

I'm sorry to hear that you can't connect your Edison to the Intel System Studio IoT Edition. As you know in order to connect to the ISS-IoT it is necessary to do it by SSH and in order to do it your Edison should be in the same network as your PC ( serial IoT - Intel® System Studio IoT Edition: Troubleshooting and FAQ | Intel® Software ). Still you can achieve numerous projects just by communicating in serial mode you can see several in this link ( COLLECTION | Intel® Edison Projects ). If you have any more technical questions regarding the Intel Edison please don't hesitate to contact us.

I will be waiting for your reply.

Best regards,


Community Manager

Hi Matha,



Do you have any more questions regarding the Intel Edison? Please don't hesitate to ask, I will be happy to help.



I hope you have a nice day.



Best Regards,