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Converting video from WiFi stream


I'm hanging a Lumix camera on a UAV(drone) and would like to get live video and control the camera remotely via its WiFi function intended for operation with smart phones.

These are what the Edison have to do:

1). Connect to the camera via WiFi

The camera will stream its live view, status (focal length, expo, etc)

2). Output the video to the long range video transmitter which supports analog video and HDMI inputs. 480p resolution is ok.

3). Read commands from the drone's flight controller via PWM or Serial or other.

4). Control recording, zoom etc.

1,3,4 aren't a problem

Question: is the Edison capable of task number 2?

Why Edison?: the flight controller, Pixhawk 2.1, is made for it, I don't even need a breakout board.

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Hi Block137,



That's a great project!



Regarding to your concern, this is a tricky question because it's related to video but also to Wi-Fi and streaming. In general, the Edison module is not recommended to perform video processing and other tasks related to video output. However, in your application, if the video processing task is not going to be done by the Edison module but only the data transmission, then I would say that it could be possible, although the desired performance might not be the best especially if the idea is to get live view.



Unfortunately, I don't have other suggestions for you since I haven't done something similar before. I recommend you to test it and see how the performance is. If you already have the hardware required, then give it a try and see how it goes.



If possible, post your results in the community. Other users may find your tests interesting and they could provide some other suggestions and comments about your project.



Have a nice day.





Diego V.