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Hello sir,

Actually my project is " Run-time Accessible DRAM PUFs in Commodity Devices"

For this project I am using Intel Galelio generation 2 board with 64 bit Linux Operating system.

I am following README file step by step.

I have done all the steps in this README but stuck at the last step (2.3) as I mentioned before.

The following step is:

2.3) Connect the board using, and reboot the board, you are now using the new firmware with DRAM PUF enabled.

e.g. By pressing '3'-'1'-'0'-'1', you will take one measurement of 96KB PUF initialized with all 0's with 120s decay.

Note: Due to the print time, the size of PUF will affect the effective decay time.

I Want to know

(1) How to know this is new firmware or oldone?

(2)when and where will I press '3'-'1'-'0'-'1', ?

I am attaching the README file.

Please guide me sir.

Waiting for your reply.

Thank you.

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Community Manager

Hi Indra_mary,



Thank you for contacting us. Would you please let us know where you found that that readme file? Please let us know what the goal of your project is and what steps or guides have you followed so far. We want to have more context so we can provide better assistance.



-Sergio A


Community Manager

Hi Indra_mary,



Do you still need assistance with this case? In case you still need help, please provide the information we requested on our previous post.



We'll be waiting for your response.



-Sergio A