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Diabetes Helper (Glucose Monitoring) @MakeItPro Challenge

Hi all,

attached here a link to our project video presentation. final_try.swf - Box

Blood glucose levels are currently measured by hundreds of millions of diabetics across the world using intrusive and costly methods. When administering a blood glucose test most diabetics are required to prick themselves with a needle and apply the blood drop to a one-time strip which is used in the measurement process. These strips amount to up to 100$ each month for patients without insurance / without state subsidies.


According to the International Diabetes Federation over 34 MILLION diabetics in India alone are unable to measure their blood glucose level due to these monthly costs.

We have designed a solution for these people, a life line which is intended to not only improve the quality of life for western world diabetics, like other non intrusive measurement endeavors, but rather to allow millions of people around the world the opportunity to live.


In the short time we had, we've managed to build an early version of our project, we are able to sample 5 diodes that are transmitting visible and IR light to a sensor. These samples are analyzed in a learning stage and classified (for now) into two classes - low glucose and high glucose. Even this classification, with the proper threshold, is enough according to medical personnel and diabetics to help hypoglycemic diabetics.


As soon as the once in a lifetime learning process is complete we are able to differentiate between high and low glucose levels.


In the future we would be able to give numerical results indicating the blood glucose levels.

Of course more work is yet to be done, but from our experience so far the edison is capable of running even our highly computationally complex algorithms, and has a very low power consumption which together with it's very low price makes it a perfect fit to such project that is aimed for people with no financial means. The low power consumption will allow us to power the system with only a solar panel or hand crank, thus eliminating the need for an outer power source or batteries which are often inaccessible for poor individuals and communities.



Omri, Gal, Lev and Yehonatan

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