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Display error after watching movies/series on fullscreen or being idle...



I have an Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC running with Win10. It is connected to my beamer via a Ligawo ® HDMI Switch 4x1.

Everythings works fine, but after watching series/movies on fullscreen, the display shows only some kind of static (like with old TVs with antenn but no signal)

When I move the mouse or do some other actions sometimes I can revive the display. Therefore I thought the stick might go into some kind of sleep mode, but I tried to set everything to maximum performance in the energy settings preventing sleep etc, but it still happens... even when I'm just closing the browser or something...

Watching movies etc works fine without disturbance...

Resetting the switch also sometimes help... anyone any idea?

Thanks in advance

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Hi canedha,



After idle mode or after the movie, the stick sends a voltage signal to the TV in order to turn it on; however, some monitors or TVs require more than usual. Also, you are using a video adapter and it can reduce the signal.



As a workaround, plug the stick to the projector without any adapter and verify the behavior of idle mode.



I suggest you update the BIOS to the latest version 0024 and update the drivers too.








Mike C