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Does anyone know if you can install Windows 10 Enterprise on a Z8300 board?


I have been looking at this fella: GOLE GOLE1 5 inch Mini PC Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad core Windows 10 / Android 5.1 Bluetooth 2.4GHz / 5GHz Dual band … but i can't use it if it does not have Windows 10 Enterprise, due to the IT regulations at my work place.

I have bene looking for hours and i can't find anything on installing W10E on Atom boards, most likely because, why would you

Hope someone has some insight, everything is appreciated.

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These are the processors supported by Windows 10: Does My Intel® Processor Support Microsoft Windows® 10?

Your stick is not an Intel product, so you will have to speak with the manufacturer.

Regarding W10 Enterprise, and I think you already know what I am going to say, is "why"? Nevermind, do not answer.

As for the rest, ask Microsoft regarding W10e on this "other" stick.


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I have never seen Windows 10 Enterprise shipped on one of these sticks -- but this is because most of these sticks are targeted for the very low-end of the market and thus their (memory, etc.) configurations are targeted to stay at or below the thresholds set by Microsoft for getting the Windows 10 Home license very cheaply.

I see no reason -- well, other than most of these sticks only have 32GB eMMC SSDs and 2GB of memory (or less) -- why you couldn't install Windows 10 Enterprise onto these sticks. Windows 10 Enterprise is a subset of Windows 10 Pro and I successfully upgraded a (Intel) Compute Stick to Windows 10 Pro without issue.