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Does the TinyB bluetooth library work for non-intel hardware?



I read the guide here:

On how to use the open-source TinyB library with Java for bluetooth LE applications.

It has information on how to use TinyB with Intel Edison boards.

Unfortunately I cannot use such boards, I have hardware that connects a sensor to an nRF52840 bluetooth chip by Nordic Semiconductor.

I need to send the bluetooth data to a Java desktop application and I am wondering if I can use TinyB to do this?

In the guide it says: "TinyB exposes simple C++ and Java APIs for using Bluetooth low energy devices."

So it seems it could work for any Bluetooth LE device? But I am not quite sure and I need to find out before I spend a lot of time researching this solution.

Any help is appreciated!

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Hi Magnus_B,



I haven't used that library before, but after checking the information available in its GitHub page (, it seems that the library could be used with other platforms as well and not only with the Edison module. Although, I don't know if there are hardware limitations for the library so I cannot tell you if it will work with your hardware or not.



There are some software requirements that you may consider as well like CMake 3.1+, Glib/GIO 2.40+ and BlueZ. Anyhow, I recommend you to check the information in the GitHub page for additional details.



I also recommend you to ask directly in the GitHub page to get better details about your concern:



Have a nice day.





Diego V.