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EPCQ64A programming and erase problem


Good morning,

one of my clients in his project has replaced the EPCS64 spi with EPCQ64 for obsolescence, leaving unaltered the EP4CE115 FPGA and the working frequencies.

The problem that I have and that in a random way, the epcq isn't programmed with the alter blaster and quartus giving me back an error of protected sectors (see photo).

If I try to delete the epcq by setting it to the factory state, quartus tells me that the operation was successful but if I try to write a file it tells me that the component isn't blanck.

The same problem I detect if I use my client's file and even if I create a new project, with the purpose of deleting the epcq.


I tried in every way to solve the problem and the only one is to replace the component with another new one of the same lotcode.


You have had any problems like this? And how did you solve them?


can you also tell me an out-board programmer to try to recover the blocked components?
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Hello andrea.claps,

Thank you for posting.

For more assistance regarding this product, please post your inquiry on the Intel FGPA Community:

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