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Edison Yocto Hardknott image released (community effort)

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Today we have released the Yocto Hardknott image for Intel Edison. If you are already using the Dunfell or later btrfs based image you can install the snapshot as an alternative boot for testing. You can download binary 64 bit images for a quick test from

With this release the Linux kernel is at 5.15.25 LTS (the default kernel) and  U-Boot at v2021.10 We also provide v5.16.0 (testing) and v5.15.25-rt33 (LTS PREEMPT_RT kernel) for development purposes.

You can read about other new or improved features here:
The complete documentation can be found here:

Development will now continue with Yocto Honnister here: Pre-release documentation of that will be here:

Low noise Telegram group:

Patches are welcomed!


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