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Edison.local js server fix

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Hi all,

Once you have your Edison connected to wifi, you should be able to navigate to the device IP and you will see a device information page. For some reason this wasn't working for me. After some digging I found that some of the shell exec commands from the shelljs library were throwing errors. The program reads the results of the executed shell process and branches, but I assume the shelljs was altered a bit. Instead of results.output producing the shell output, shelljs returns an object now containing { code: ..., stdout: ..., stderr:...}. To fix the issue with the node server not producing the device information page, I changed all the statements with results.output to results.stdout.

The file is located at /usr/lib/edison_config_tools/edison-config-server.js and either replacing the file with the one provided or changing the relevant statements should fix the issue.

This is handy in case you want to later put your Edison in AP mode and setup the WiFi through the browser as opposed to having to connect through a serial terminal or ssh while connected to the Edison AP.

If you choose to do this: Backup the old edison-config-server.js by renaming it / copying it / moving it to a place you'll remember.

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