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Fast Fourier Transfer on Edison Modules / Replacement?


Just started a project that needs FFT on long data samples, and thought that the Intel Edison module would be great because Math Kernel Library is supported on the Intel Atom in the Edison. Was trying to get some help here about compiling with MKL, but only to see that I should forget about it because of the Edison discontinuation. Anyone knows other small "wearable" platform that I can use with good math capabilities????

My gut feel says that Edison might be ahead of its time Just like the Personal Digital Assistant in early 2000s (remember palm and other brands), but things are going to come back, and Intel might miss it entirely.

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If you do not need the whole Fourier spectrum, you might get away with calculating wavelet filter responses instead(?) The advantage certainly would be that you all of a sudden have a bunch of platforms which are more than capable of calculating this in real-time and creating integer implementations of wavelet filters is very straight forward.

No platform that allows you to do FFTs, but maybe a workaround?


Other people are talking about this:

It also uses an Intel Atom processor, which should work with the Intel math kernel.

??"No platform that allows you to do FFT?"?? The Intel® Math Kernel Library and its Fast Fourier Transform Routines | Intel® Software


Thank you very much. Too new to this, didn't know any better.

Looking at the supported platforms, most of them are UNIX/Linux/Windows OS -- I am not sure I see any OS that works on ARM processors. So if I want to use a tiny footprint like Edison (perhaps with the Arduino board or breakout Board), and get the ISP/UART/GPIO connections, what board do you think is good to use (again, need GSL or other math kernels)

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With Edison obsolete, you can only turn to SOM's with ARM. But of course, you can find tiny ones like that run linux, and build using Yocto. GSL is part of yocto core, so should be easy to pull in.

I haven't tried this myself yet, I am still in mourning on the premature death of Edison and against better judgement hoping that Intel hasn't lost its mind and will come up with something to fill the hole soon.