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First questions about Genuino 101

I am investigating the potential of Intel IoT in a publicly funded University research project.

First questions :

1. The BT LE can in theory use 10 mW RF output power. Is it possible to use 10 mW with Genuino 101 ?

2. Is it possible to use the whole package of services and features described on the Architecture Specification White Paper

Internet of Things " The Intel IoT Platform " with Genuino 101 ?

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Community Manager

Hello HomePower_IoT,



Thank you for interest in the Intel® Curie™ Boards.



I should tell you that the type of questions that you asked are out of the scope of this technical team. We focus on the Curie module, not the Genuino 101 board.



That being said, I may present a couple of advices to guide you in your search for the adequate support.



For question 1: the Genuino 101 uses the NORDIC Bluetooth* Low Energy NRF51822-CEAA_V3* module. For more technical information, please check the following link



Regarding question 2: for software, and projects information, please check the following Arduino forums (software) (projects)



I hope that you find the information that you are looking for.





Andres V.
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