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Flashing via ISSM


Lately I've been evaluating microprocessors for an upcoming product design and I can't help but wonder if I'm doing something incorrectly. I have what I consider a small application (approximately 30KB compiled), and the process of compiling & flashing this application using ISSM (on Windows 10) to the C1000 eval board takes upwards of an entire minute to complete. In comparison, I have an STM32 dev board compiling using IAR and the entire process of compiling & flashing completes in less than 10 seconds. I'd like to choose the C1000 (for various reasons), but waiting more than a minute to begin debug is frustrating, and I'm worried how this might scale as the app grows. Has anyone encountered this issue? Is there a rate or speed setting I'm missing?

Thanks folks,


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Hi James,

Can you confirm whether you are compiling QMSI or Zephyr applications (Compiling Zephyr applications takes considerably longer on Windows).

Is it the compiling or Flashing that is taking time ? For me I see consistently < 10 secs to flash a 30kb application from ISSM on Windows 10

target state: halted

force hard breakpoints

0x4002f008: 000028a0

0x4002f40c: 00000060

.# .# .# .# .# .# .# .# .# .# .# .# .# .#

29128 bytes written at address 0x40030000


1236 bytes written at address 0x400371c8

downloaded 30364 bytes in 7.748276s (3.827 KiB/s)