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Freezes and lag on Joule


I'm working with the Intel Joule 550x and ZR300 dev kit. I followed all the instructions here to setup the ZR300 and Ubuntu 16.04: How to Connect the Intel® RealSense™ Camera ZR300 to the Intel®...

I'm able to run the samples, but I'm having some serious speed issues and am experiencing frequent lag and freezes. Running htop I see the the CPUs are only at 3-10% when these occur. Running iotop it shows that there's 5-6 processes running at 99.99% IO> when the freezes occur - I assume this is the problem. There seems to be plenty of free memory.

It's rendering the Joule unusable for me... I can't install anything, run the examples consistently for longer than 10s, or browse chromium without the freezes/lag occurring - and this is a huge priority for us.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks.

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Hi econnors,

Thanks for your interest in the Intel® Joule™ Platform.

Reviewing the ZR300 hardware requirements System Requirements for the Intel® RealSense™ Development Kit... , it seems that this Camera has only been tested with the Intel® Joule™ 570x, this might be the reason of the slow performance.

Now, I checked the Ubuntu manual Ubuntu Manpage: htop - interactive process viewer and I found out that you can increase the selected process's priority by using F7, maybe this might help you dedicate more resources to your processor while running the SDK samples.

Hope you find this information useful, have a nice day!

Best Regards,


-Jose P.