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Generating Audio PWM on Curie / Arduino 101?


Has anyone implemented basic PWM for audio on the Arduino 101 / Curie? It could be as simple as: Arduino Playground - PCMAudio

or as comprehensive as: GitHub - TMRh20/TMRpcm: Arduino library for asynchronous playback of PCM/WAV files direct from SD card. Arduino Uno,Nano…

... but naturally adapted to the Intel / Quark registers.

Failing that, can anyone offer guidance on taking over a pair of timers on the Arduino 101 and configuring them directly from an Arduino sketch? In particular, are the register definitions available to sketches? Or do I have to drop down into C++?

Thanks in advance,

- rdp

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Hi rdp,



Thank you for contacting us. You'll find a more detailed response to your Arduino 101 question in . Arduino 101 is directly supported by



You can find their forum here .